Natural Beauty

Granite brings the beauty of nature right into the home. The highly reflective surface acts like a mirror. With adjacent window to the granite countertops, reflections of the sky and trees are brought into the kitchen.

One of the most compelling reasons for choosing granite is its durability. Granite has a toughness that surpasses any other countertop material. Bacon grease, fish marinade, cranberries, Dijon mustard, tomato or grape juice, and wine won’t stain granite. A simple wipe with soap and warm water will leave no stain.

Is very critical in surfaces used so frequently. Dulling, scratching, scorching, or blistering is virtually unheard of. Hot pots, frying pans, and casserole dishes set directly on the countertop won’t mar the surface. Even a hot cigarette or cigar won’t harm the surface. In fact marble stains easily, while laminates, Corian, and Fountainhead are prone to blistering, cracking and scratching. Granite countertops can withstand child’s  play. Children have written on them with crayons, pens, and have whacked on them with their toys. Still the countertops remain unharmed. Being so strong and durable, granite countertops could literally outlast the rest of the house.

Each granite comes from a different quarry, while no two quarries in the world yield the same color. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from subtle to dazzling in intensity.

Generally a simple wipe with warm water, soap and a towel will cleanup any mess, virtually leaving the surface unscathed.

Is virtually assured. Besides its strength and durability, granite provides an almost carefree surface, exasperating elegance and beauty. No longer do you have to be a millionaire to enjoy granite, since the price of granite has been reduced dramatically. Unlike synthetic customers, granite customers will be devotees for a lifetime.